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Digital Marketing Tips to Grow Your Beauty Business

Nail salons, spas and beauty salons are in a battle to win customers. The competition is especially fierce around their geographic location as they have limited amount of prospective clients and many competitors. With Digital Marketing, you now have an opportunity to reach people across a wider area as compared to traditional marketing means which will grow your beauty business.

Here are some tips on how you can use your website, email and social media to grow your beauty business.

Make Your Business Visible

People usually utilize Google, Bing and other search engines when trying to locate a beauty salon to visit. Your prospective clients will get to see your hours, contact details, website and directions to your store. This makes it incredibly important to keep this information up to date.

Leverage Imagery on Social Media

Business offering beauty services are perfect for leveraging visual marketing. You can use a combination of text and images on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, to showcase your salon services. Instagram has become the go-to app for users who search for looks and styles easily. They can also review your portfolio of work with your clients. To promote your business properly, use high quality photos and creative content, engage with your followers and offer deals whenever possible.

Build Your Own App

You can build an application for your beauty business in order to have greater control in customer engagement. This app can allow your customers to book appointments, push offers or deals to drive traffic and much more. You can also drive the narrative of your content marketing for the beauty salon.

The costs of application development are becoming reasonable and these costs are worth the benefits. It’s also less intrusive and personal to keep in touch with your customers through the app rather than sending emails. 

You can encourage salon clients to download the app and book their first appointment. Offering incentives, deals and news about your salon through the app will drive engagement as well.

Online Ads

Also most beauty salons might not have the budget for online marketing, you will be surprised by the lost cost of using locally targeted ads. Google and Facebook ads will appear to likely customers and encourage them to visit your salon. Also, you can get prospect details which you can use to contact and convert to customers.

Customer Information

Collect customer emails and other basic information to put together an efficient email marketing campaign. This will allow you to send appointment reminders, highlight offers or new products and offer tips. You can also use this to encourage clients to refer their friends and reward them for the additional business.

Digital Marketing is Here to Help

Online marketing will help you expand your client base when leverage properly. You can create an app to increase customer loyalty. You can ask your clients to leave reviews or share results of your work online. Most importantly, you do not need to break the bank to use this form of marketing. 

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