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Google finds evidence of mass iPhone hack attempt

According to a security research team, the iPhone is not as hack proof as we all thought. The results of Project Zero by Google found evidence of mass iPhone hack attempt through a handful of websites. These websites have been exploiting iPhone security vulnerabilities and slipping malware onto these mobile devices once visited. Through this, they gain access to photos, messages and location data. The vulnerabilities ran from iOS 10 to the current version, iOS 12, meaning the hackers targeted iPhone users over at least two years. Most worryingly, Google estimates these sites get thousands of visitors a week.

These attacks are very rare for Apple and their iPhone devices are known to be secure. They even took the step to offer a bounty of $1 million to security researchers who can identify bugs or vulnerabilities on their devices. The author of this iPhone hack attempt, which could comprise a device on a single visit, is still unknown at this moment. Once Google relayed the information to Apple in February, they released a patch a week later.

This malicious code allowed a hacker the ability to access your location data real time. They could also install malicious apps, access your passwords and steal your photos. Encrypted messages were also fair game as the malware had deep level access. Once you rebooted your phone, the malware will be removed. However, once you visit the sites again, it will return to your device. With your stolen passwords and data, having the malware wiped did little to reduce the damage.

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