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How to Pick a Domain Name that Drives Traffic

As a new business, you are already in competition with millions of other companies online. There is a need to build an online presence, especially as a new business. However, picking the right web address/URL is a very important driver of business results. It is very important to pick a domain name that drives traffic. Your web address decision should be tagged along with your business name. If the names are not in sync, you should consider changing your business name as its that important. A great domain name will rise up in search rankings and draw traffic organically.


  • If possible, choose a name with 10 characters or less. It’s best to use a simple name that your visitor will find easy to type and remember.
  • Your domain name should match your business niche. It should resonate with what your business does. It should differentiate your business from your competitors.
  • Your first choice should be a dot com (.com). Although there are many other options like .biz and .net, the .com is still the most popular and preferred extension. It will also help with your SEO as search engines direct search results to .com first.
  • If you are a local business such as a restaurant, barber shop or flower shop, you should think about adding your location to your domain name. This will allow local customers to easily find you online and likely visit your store.

If you have come up with a possible name, you can take the below steps

  • Do a quick Google search for the name and see what results show up. If the name is taken, consider adding a location prefix or suffix to make it unique and yours. Then search again to make sure its available.
  • If the name is taken and the site looks unattended or empty, you can purchase the site from the owner. You can get the contact information for the owner and domain registration expiration using
  • You can register your domain name with any of the popular domain registries such as Godaddy and Namecheap. Also, you need to provide them with a valid email to be contacted when your domain registration is up for renewal. 


To drive more traffic to your website, you can purchase an expired or not in use domain name. With no marketing costs, this is a simple way to achieve your objective. You can do this by

  • Look for a domain name that has some traffic and has been around awhile. You can search for one on and search for a business that is similar to yours.
  • Sort your search by traffic size by business name.
  • Once you purchase the domain name, you can then set up a 301 redirect which will send web visitors to your site when they go to the old site.
  • Make sure the purchase domain name is indexed by Google to ensure you can be found.

All this can be set up for you by your local website design services company. As part of your web design package, your small business IT firm can make sure you pick the right domain name, register the name properly and optimize it for SEO purposes.

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