Importance of Security Awareness Training

security awareness training

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Security Awareness training has become paramount due to studies which show that 37% of global organizations were victims of Ransomware in 2021. With the rise of ransomware and other cyber-related attacks, organizations need to tighten their cybersecurity to avoid being the next victims. The most effective strategy to improve your security posture is implementing security awareness training for all users. This way, they become aware of the common cyber-attacks and how to protect themselves against them. 

There are benefits that come with having users that are security conscious and how to spot suspicious activity. Let’s discuss some of these benefits. 

Your employees are the first line of defense. 

Most of the cyber-attacks are launched through emails and websites that your employees rely on to do their day-to-day tasks. If they know the common cyber-attacks and how they can prevent themselves from being victims, it becomes pretty easy to deal with these attacks. 

Ignoring a suspicious email or link can save your organizations millions of dollars. This could be several hours of investigation if that link contained some form of dangerous malware. 

To prevent data breaches and phishing. 

When your employees are aware of cybersecurity practices, such as using hard-to-guess passwords and 2-factor authentication, it will be difficult for an attacker to comprise any of their accounts to access your company data. Most of these attacks are usually launched by getting access to just one of your employee’s accounts. 

When your users tighten the security of their accounts, the chances of being victims of such attacks become minimal. 

Increased security efficiency. 

When everyone in the organization understands basic concepts of cybersecurity, the burden on your security team will be reduced since every employee can now be used to implement some of the less complex cyber security strategies. For instance, if all your employees know the indicators of compromise and how to initiate incident response, your security team can begin their investigative efforts much sooner. 

Also, because your users are security conscious, your security team can concentrate on other security tasks like network monitoring, implementation of security tools and security compliance activities.

It builds confidence with your customers. 

Customers are more comfortable dealing with an organization whose staff is well equipped with cybersecurity knowledge. If your customers figure out that your team is not conversant with cyber security basics, it’ll be difficult for them to trust your organization. 

Customers need assurance that the data shared with your organization is in safe hands. This is only possible if it is handled by people that are knowledgeable about secure data protection and storage strategies.

Final thoughts 

Security awareness training is very important for any organization, no matter its size. As long as your organization uses digital tools to communicate and do work, it is a potential target for cyber-attacks. Yes, these trainings may cost you some money, but it will save you a lot more in the long run. 

Gensys Technology now offers Security Awareness training to organizations. Our content covers a wide range of security topics including phishing, ransomware, data protection and more. This training is fun and interactive to keep your users engaged through out. Contact us today to schedule a demo or for more information.

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